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For anyone with something vital to be communicated about the human condition, now is the time to capture and distribute that message to the widest possible audience.

CoreWay Media embraces the challenges and opportunities inherent in this great transition in human evolution and dedicates itself to bringing out the most powerful titles it can to "accelerate personal and planetary transformation" as our slogan states.

Our niches include:

Spiritual Awakening
Radical Aliveness
Heart-based Living
Activism that Unites
Emotional Alchemy

Cultivating & Circulating Life Energy
The Vital Force and other Biological Truths
Rejuvenation of Mind/Body/Spirit
Expanded Consciousness, Mindfulness & Natural Altered States
Sacred Sexuality & Erotic Energy

Conscious Relationships & Marriage
Intentional Communities
Self-Actualization, Self-Realization
Sacred Leadership & True Democratization
New Politics of Freedom and Empowerment

We focus on fundamental issues as more and more people go through an awakening process — throwing off their conditioning, the blinders and filters of entrenched institutions, and the hypnotic seduction of the mass mind — moving into direct, intimate, moment-by-moment relationship with Life.

As we move out of our heads and disconnect from the cultural glitter and miasms that usurp our attention — into our bodies, our bellies, our feet on the soil of a physical and energetic reality — we need new guidebooks. The times call out for guidance from those who have lived the journey, who have been in the personal and planetary transformation "business" long enough to understand its detours and obstacles, its mystery and magical delights.

Moving forward in conscious evolution involves operating more fully from the energetic core where harmony and power reside deep within us — individually and collectively. In this state, we get to create life anew — as we envision it, as it reveals itself to us — in the everlasting dance with Life. This is the Core Way. We invite you to participate with us in the grand adventure:

If you have a project in some stage of development, please read our Author Submission policies.

If you would like to sell our trade books, please go through our Wholesalers.

If you are interested in selling our other titles or placing bulk orders for our trade books, please contact our Special Sales department sales@coreway.com.

We do not sell directly to the public. To purchase any of our titles, you can visit one of our retailers, such as Sacred Hunger and We the People.

If you are looking for a profitable, relatively safe investment in these turbulent financial times, please check out our Investors page.

Most of all, participate with us by sharing in the delight of being fully alive and engaged at this remarkable time in history. We are the midwives of an incredible birth. We get to choose where to put our focus and energy — either on the messy byproducts or upon the emergence and articulation of new creative energies and forms.

Be well.

Be whole.

Be fully alive.

. . . moment-by-moment.


Books & Tapes for Accelerating Personal & Planetary Transformation

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